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"I'm so excited to announce our first locker location will be up and running starting September 8th at the Lafayette Public Library. I engineered & designed these lockers from scratch. After countless hours of programming, debugging, soldering, and headaches - I can say it was well worth it. Families will now have convenient access to COVID-19 testing measures with these easy-to-use 15 minute result test kits. While families get test kits because they suspect COVID-19 or just to have in the case of a COVID-19 scare, I'll be playing a part in helping give peace of mind when it matters most."

  • Kenner Galdamez Sosa (founder)

Current locker locations

😷 A mask is required in accordance with local and state mandates. No mask, no service.

Lafayette Public Library

775 Baseline Rd, Lafayette, CO 80026

How do I get my test kits?

Picking up test kits from any of our lockers is a very easy process. I designed & engineered the process from start to finish to be very intuitive. You won't need to place an order or make a reservation of any kind. Families can head to a locker & follow the prompts on the touchscreen to get their test kits in just minutes.

How do I know if there is enough stock?

Our lockers can each store up to 160 test kits at any given time. This means that we'll refill the lockers before supply is out. You can however check the current stock of our lockers below.

Lafayette Public Library Locker


Last restocked at 10am on Sept. 9th. Automatically updated Sept. 9th, 2021 at 12:09pm.